Terms of service

The way of using AAA Service shall be governed by these terms of use, which provide information relating to the AAA Service described below. When you create or use the account on the Program, you agree to these terms. This service is provided to you by the owner of the AAA Program and the leading Suqour Al Qima Est. based in Saudi Arabia.

AAA Service

Our program provides you with all its services as follows: service enables you to communicate with the world and friends, the services of the Program may be provided in return for a specific fee for each of communicating with celebrities and identify the characters to communicate with them or identifying the countries to communicate with users thereof. Program services are intended for personal use to provide a suitable environment for you; dear user! Therefore, please restrict the basic program objective. When using the Program in inappropriate uses may cause your account to be blocked for a temporary or permanent period. Our goal is to make you happy, and in case of abuse, please let us know.

Your Commitment

In return for providing our services, described above, for you, you shall comply with the following. Our ambition is to provide a suitable environment for everyone, and this requires some restrictions to be within the standards set out in the Programs' field; therefore, we kindly ask you to abide by those restrictions.

  • ▪  You must be at least 17 years old or according to the minimum age allowed to use the program in accordance with the laws of your country.

  • ▪  Your account has not been previously blocked due to violation of the Law, Terms or Policies.

  • ▪  You must not be convicted of sexual offenses inside or outside the Program.

  • ▪  You must not be prohibited from using any part of our services under the applicable laws in the payment-related services in case of being on the list of prohibited parties.

  • ▪  You must not be on the list of people prohibited from cooperating with them or wanted in any country.

Acts not allowed by the Program are as follows:

  • ▪  Simulate a person or provide inaccurate information.

  • ▪  Create any dummy account or create an account in the name of anyone

    other than your account so that you are not legally charged due to committing any illegal matters or violation to one of the terms or policies of the Program by the user whose information was registered by you.

  • ▪  Doing any unlawful, illegal, deceptive, fraudulent or unauthorized activity.

  • ▪  Help or incite others to violate the specific terms or policies of the


  • ▪  Accounts shall not be created or gathered in unauthorized ways, including

    creating an account automatically or purchase from any user.

  • ▪  Attempt to buy or sell any part of your account and most importantly the


  • ▪  Perform any act that may cause or aim to disrupt the Program or one of

    its services.

  • ▪  Publish any private or sensitive information that violates the privacy or

    rights of any person or any country.

  • ▪  The Program must not be used for commercial uses of any kind without

    our prior approval.

    In the event of doing any of the above methods not allowed in the program, your account may be temporarily or permanently blocked and you m may be held accountable in some cases.

    The permissions you grant to us when you use the Program as part of our agreement and agree to grant us the permissions we need from you to provide all possible services to you upon using the program, which helps develop the Program.

  • ▪  Permission to use your username, profile picture, relevant information and actions you take with respect to accounts and funded advertising, and this is also deemed to be approved to grant us permission to view your username, profile picture or other information that may be used for commercial purposes for advertising-funded within the Program and you may not ask for any compensation hereof. For example, we may disclose that you have opened any funded advertising in our Program to any company requesting for funded advertising information, which does not mean that your personal information will be sold to them for use outside of our Program.

  • ▪  Communicate with you to test the quality of the Program and its services provided and you cannot ask for any material or financial compensation for hereto.

▪ Use of the Program constitutes permission and consent to allow us to download and install any updates to the Program on your device.

Some rights reserved to us

  • ▪  Use of username or personal name may be the property of another person within the Program or outside the Program or infringe the intellectual property rights of another person, and we may change them if we deem it necessary without notice.

  • ▪  You cannot use our intellectual property rights, our trademarks, or the names of the Program or something of that nature, and we may change it immediately.

    Deactivate, terminate the account or remove the content

  • ▪  We may retain any content that has been deleted by you in violation of the terms and policies of the Program.

  • ▪  We may remove any content or information you share or use in the Program if we deem it offensive or causes any personal or public harm to users, countries or even to our Program.

  • ▪  We may block the account temporarily or permanently in case of any complaint against you in the event of confirmation hereof.

    Parties responsible for any problem arising

  • ▪  We do not take responsibility for any words, actions or behavior, whether online or offline, because of our users or for the provision of any privileges or services within the program to you.

  • ▪  We provide our services as it is and we cannot guarantee that it will remain safe or operate efficiently all the time, and therefore we bear no responsibility to you for all types of warranties.

  • ▪  Our liability is limited to the maximum allowable level under the Law and shall not hold responsible for all possible consequences of any problem. You agree that we shall not be liable under any circumstances with respect to any direct or indirect problems whatsoever, such as the deletion of your registered account or your information.

Dealing with matters related to the provision of paid services in the Program

  • ▪  One of the most important is that you are not entitled to refund the value of purchased jewelry no matter how many in the case of using any part of them.

  • ▪  If you do not use the purchased jewelry, you may refund its value within the first 24 hours in case of demand for restitution from the time of purchase, knowing that any restitution fees shall be charged to the amount paid and automatically deducted from your account in case of accepting your request.

  • ▪  The contributions of the Program shall not be refunded or compensated.

  • ▪  In case of communicating with the celebrities and make a call with them, you cannot refund or receive any money or compensation in the Program such as jewelry or outside when you get that service, and in case of any problem, please let us know in the program as soon as possible to solve it,

    if any.

  • ▪  If you purchase jewelry from the Program and use the Program

    inappropriately or in conflict with the terms and conditions of the Program, you cannot refund any of your prepaid amounts and your account may be temporarily or permanently blocked.

    Dealing with conflicts

  • ▪  For all users, in the event of any unresolved dispute between us, the dispute may be referred to any country responsible or authorized in such disputes including the USA or Saudi Arabia.

  • ▪  We appreciate receiving comments or other suggestions or complaints, knowing that we can use them without any restrictions or obligation through your compensation and we shall not under any obligation to maintain its confidentiality or publication.

    Privacy policy

    Providing our services requires the collection and use of information about you. This policy explains how we collect and use information. The types of information we collect depend on the nature of your use of the Program. You can identify and find it on the Program Website or on the Privacy Policy webpage available in the Program. You must agree to the Privacy Policy in order to use the AAA Program.

Updating these terms

We may change any of our services, policies or terms of use. You may refer to the policies and terms at any time while using the Program or the Program Site and use the Program, knowing that the use of the Program is deemed to be an approval for all future changes and updates. If you do not agree to changes or updates, you can contact us via our communication platforms to block the account permanently, knowing that you shall not be compensated for what was purchased from the Program.

How to communicate with Customer Service

▪ You can communicate with us within the Program through the settings of the Program where there is a channel (service) to communicate with us.

▪ Via website https://www.app3a.com ▪ Via E-mail aaa@app3a.com


Written on Oct. 27, 2019

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